Biker secret.

Things move in the depths,
Strange things, odd things.
Things without names
Things without form

Dreams cast upon winds
Time drawn in the hollows.


Beauty on two wheels.
I rode with him.
Arms holding him,
Feeling he was mine,
Relishing every moment
Wind in my hair,
Alone with him,
On the road.
The two of us

And then it would end.
at my own door.
Stepping off the bike.
Handing him back
His spare helmet.
I say "thanks"

His beautiful face
Smiles at me
I melt,
If only..

"No problem mate," he says.

I smile back.

He puts down his visor,
That big engine revvs,
He turns
And is gone
Sooner than it takes to write it.

And I know soon,
Other arms will circle him,
On the open road.
Arms he will seek
For affection and more.

And I know I can never have him.
And I hide sorrow behind my eyes,
As I say Hi
To family,
Who must not see,
A love I cannot tell.

And later alone,
I weep silently upon my bed.

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