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If we Suppose....

If we suppose, that there is a 'sum total' of all existence.

Which supposes that the cosmos is finite.

Which of course it might not be.....Many physcisists do disagree. (Seriously they do, always falling out that lot)

Then: what does this mean?

The cosmos has a begining and end?

Yet the theist will say, "No! it cannot be.....   something  must be eternal!"


I will agree, the cosmos does seem to be eternal. If we are to think correct, Penrose, Kaku, Carrol  and the others.

And I can see no good reason to doubt them

But there is no logical reason we should imagine, an 'infinite regression of cause' should be named 'god', for arbritary reasons.

We have no reason to think an infinite regression of cause, should represent consciousness.

Life, intelligent life, Humans, minds, consciousness are trivial things, with no logical reason for a 'designer. No evidence consciousness is not just an emergent property of matter. An inevitable consequence of com…