Biological Gender

OK, so... I keep seeing posts and memes making out that science says there are just two genders.

Putting aside the issue of transgender identities: this claim is factually wrong

Scientists don't say there are 2 biological genders. Biology describes at least six.

Asexual, male, female, neuter, hermaphrodite and sequential hermaphrodite.

This is biology.

Less than half the animal Kingdom follows a binary biological sex model. The largest group is asexual, the binary framework is next both XX -XY and combinations of XY, ZW, XO, ZO chromosomes, , next is the triunary arrangement, breeding males, breeding females and neuter workers, as in eusocial insects. Clown fish are sequential hermaphrodites and will change sex. Many snails and slugs are true hermaphrodites.

Factually the claim science only admits 2 biological genders is incorrect.

Looks people give me.

Now this might be a poem,
It might just be a rant.
But it concerns
Some obsevations,
That recently I've had.

Every time
I catch somebodys eye,
I see and read a look.

A look but, never the same look,
Each look with a diferent story.
Telling me
about myself,
And the one I'm looking at.

Some looks tell of hatred.
Some of love and hwyl,
Some angered, some perplexed,

And so often I find,
I feel something back.

And I think about those stories,
And what they mean to me.
Forgiving hatred, returning love,
Seeing lies and wondering why?

And all in a fleeting look.

There you go, it was just a kind of poem.

Sex objects. (Who to, or to what sex objects, we don't really know)

Cultures across the world have worshipped symbols of masculinity and femininity for all of its archeological history.

The evidence suggests that until about 3-5 thousand years ago the feminine dominated. And since then the Masculine has dominated. At least from one point of view.
Nice rotund pregnant looking women at the centre of things. Carved into rocks, moulded out of clay. The feminine raised as the creative goddess.
The phallus doesn't seem to have existed only from the time of what I shall call, 'the takeover'. It was around thousands of years ago too. It could be argued that the phallus and the womb were worshipped together, as equals.
However: something happened at the dawn of civilisation. Different religions began writing about how women were essentially the property of men. Rules written into the books of religions. Demanding the obedience of women, defining their value as brides. Ordering fidellity in women on pain of death. Women became chattle. Even the supp…

Reluctant words.

A poem
sometimes demands
To be written.

Tumbling from fingertips,
Onto keys,
Or through a pen,
Onto crisp white paper
With a rhythm,
And urgency,
All  own.

And then

An Epistle to those who know me.

O.K. So! Its like this right.

After living my life in a quite 'out' way for most of my adult life. Somewhere about a year ago I realised I hadn't ever openly talked about being Transgender online.

I had explored a bit using alternate profiles, but there had always been a boundary between that and the 'acceptable' face I was showing under my own profile, and incidentally to 'officialdom' too.

I also discovered that at that time, all I wanted to write about was my gender ecpression and sexuality.

I got stuck on this for at least a year.

Now I eventually decided that I should essentially 'out' myself online.

So a few weeks ago, thats what I did.

I doubt that this blog will change all that much. The random literary thoughts an narratives, poems will all remain. I want to present my whole self here.

How long will this need to express my thoughts on Transgendered themes, last? I don't know.

Having written and shared two viginettes from my childhood, I…

Transgender roles accross the world

Transgender roles in indigenous cultures across the world.

N. America

Two Spirit, is a modern term adopted in 1990 by indigenous gender variant people, to replace the anthropological term 'Berdache,' a French term which essentially means male prostitute, which was a demonstrable misrepresentation.

Lakota: Winkte.

Navajo: Nádleeh

Ojibwe: Ikwekaazo, M2F
Ojibwe: Ininiikaazo F2M

Zuni: Lhamana.

Mexico: Muxe

Third/fourth gender roles have been recorded in 130+ indigenous N. American cultures.

South Asia.

Hijra, Aravani, Aruvani Jagappa, Khwaja sira.

Pacific Islanders.

Tahiti/Hawaii: Mahu

Tongan fakaleiti.

Samoan fa'afafine.

Philippines: Bakla

Middle east

Oman: Kanith

Egypt: khawal

Turkey: köçek


Italy/Naples: Femminiello

Britain: Mollies.

Part of what is going on for me right now is trying to be visible.

In childhood being invisible was the thing.

The key to being safe is often being invisible.

But invisible people are not worried about. Transgendered people are attacked all the time.

Being visible is important. Quentin Crisp and countless others have shown us this.

But secrets are hard habits to break. And they become simply secrets by habit.

"I try real hard to be who I am, but everybody wants you to be like them," in the words of Mr Bob Dylan.. Nobel lauriet and all that.

So I'm getting older now, and life is catching up with me, and I think to myself if this part of me is not a part of everything, then it will vanish as I vanish. If I keep it secret in any context it is invisible. I make myself invisible. So I will not choose vidtimhood.

I am a visible tranny. I just wish I hadn't made sure there are no pictures of me through my early adult years. I was cuter then, young fresh faced, no beard …