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Looking for Cloud 9.

I struggled to decide on a title for this: If someone suggests a better one, I might change it.

The spirit of humanity.

OK, I give up, I cannot resit the temptation to write a polemic on Spirit.

Many of my regular readers will, by now, have realised I am an atheist. And something of an anti-theist.

I am also interested in what we might term 'spirituality'. "Wait!" I hear you cry,  "Atheists don't believe in 'spirit', you can't be spiritual! It's against the rules."

But is it? I wonder?

And now to throw a real cat among the pigeons. The symbolism of 'gods and goddesses'. A quote from Terry Pratchett seems to sum this up nicely.

"I ain't against gods and goddesses, in their place. But they've got to be the ones we make ourselves. Then we can take 'em to bits for parts when we don't need 'em any more, see?' Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies.

Which seems to me quite one of the most profound statements I can imagine.

When we see a boxer fight, we often say he or she fights with spirit. It seems legitimate to me to think of a…

Life's Little Annoyances 2

There are 7 minutes and 38 seconds of my life I can now never recover.

My wife on YouTube the other day saw this meal she really wanted for tea. And insisted, I watch this Video describing how it was made, so I would 'get it right' all 7 minutes and 38 seconds of it.

At the opening of the video, within 30 seconds, the woman describing the, 'procedure', displayed the packet the meal came out of. To which I said to my darling wife, "If it comes out of a packet, the instructions will be on the side."

"No, No." My wife says, "watch what she does with it."

So, I watch, a very straightforward procedure. And later that day purchase the packet.

With exactly the same instructions On the side.


Malevolent Man.

He sits, oozing malevolence.
Attitude and self righteous indignity.
To perceived slights and slurs,
A bundle of spite and volatility.

A Petty man, grown but still a child,
Seeking import, through provocation,
Importance, is others, fear of him,
No responsibility in abdication.

Living in worlds of illusion,
Where none but he can see,
The injustice heaped upon him,
Reduced to invisibility.

Yet still within his malice,
I see that child reaching out,
To be the light in someone's eye
The first in another's thought.

A mothers or a fathers duty,
not given those many years past.
A loss that can never be filled,
A  chasm never to be crossed.

And at the last,
I look on him,
Not with fear,
Nor with hate,
But with

The moons of Rigel 6.

The Moons of Rigel 6.
A track from my 2003 Album Expansion modification.

The video uses clips which are as far as I am aware copyright free.

Unless someone got something wrong.

Possession is 9/10th's of the Law.

Possession is 9/10th's  of the Law.

Being still.

I sit,
And notice,
Seeking only,
To be still.

Mind is persistent,
Wanting to name
to explain.
to fill internal silence
with unspoken words.
I bid it to rest.

And then,
Feelings rise,
And are joined
By memory.
Luring mind,
Again into motion.
And these too
I bid be still.

And visions,
Then clamour
To grasp attention,
spectacular colours
intricate patterns,
Tempt attention
Into wonder
and bliss.

Even gods
Their faces
Inviting mind
To tumble
Into motion again.
I notice them
And pass on.

Mind reaches out
On the pretext
That all is
more illusions

Until all the veils
are gone,
I am just

Of stillness,
Of the void,
Of the emptiness,
Of the Nothing,
We create gods,
To fill,
and spirits,
To defend
Ourselves from.

And yet
It is harmless,
No malice,
No threat,
No presence,

Some might say
It empowers me,
But it does not:
I empower me,
By being still.

Ariol rides the Dragon.

A stand alone version of artwork from part 3 and conclusion of the story Ariol and the dragon.  Read the story Here.

The Lady of the Lake./The Sorceress


Ariol and the Dragon Part 3 of 3.

Begin from part 1, Here.

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The army had in fact, reached the village of Fustal, Headed by King Marek with his Son Tarac by his side. Prince Karal had been left in Orathim to organize the rest of the troops who were answering the Proclamation beacons. The plan, agreed in the small council, was for the army now in Fustal, to 'contain' the Dragon until the rest of the army had been assembled and provisioned. This second force would then join the rest of the army. Then it was planned to attack the dragon with overwhelming force.
With the king and his eldest son were about 400 men, mostly armed either with weapons from the kingdoms armoury, or with their own swords shields and armour. Athnic had 50 men to organise and assemble his Trebuchet and the three working Ballistae. About 100 men were mounted, all the 'standing army' and the 'Knights': lords of manors in the kingdom, and some 40 or so men of the kingdom who were wealthy enough to afford both h…

Ariol and the Dragon, On the road to AgathIra.

A stand alone version of artwork from Ariol and the Dragon Part 2.

Read the story, Here.

Ariol and the Dragon Part 2 of 3.

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Thanric started organizing the troop, Saying “private Beclan, you and Dorivic stay here, watch the dragon, you set off with news at nightfall and exchange with another rider, same in the morning always one man watching the Dragon at all times.” He paused and looked around at the body of the dead horse and the retreating back of the Dragon. “You!” He said to one poor unfortunate. “Clean up that mess.” He said.
“What me sarge?” said the soldier.
“It wasn’t a question, it was an order, do your job dimwit.” Thanric snapped, and the private scuttled off, without the first idea what to do about the poor animals’ corpse.
 Derwyn and Alwyn peered out from behind their cart of coal. "Now we’re in a pickle," said Alwyn.
"No doubt about that." said Derwyn. "Why did she kill the horse?" he added.
"I think that was a kin-d-ness, said Alwyn, “its leg was clearly broken, there's no way back from that for a horse."
"Now there’s a tr…