The Family D'Alembert...

The Family D'Alembert, E.E. Doc Smith's Classic science fiction series...

Well... er actually its not... Its not actually E.E.Doc Smith, he wrote a novella which is the basis for the first book in the series. But these were actually written by Steven Goldin, and  a long time after the golden era of Science Fiction.

That said, these are not terrible books. They are good romps, a little reminiscent, of Harry Harrisons Srainless Steel Rat in their way, but not as funny. They don't have the sheer scale of the genuine EE Doc Smith books like the Lensman, or Sklark series.

The books had some good covers, but always looked as if the artist, was in a hurry.

Despite the slightly dodgy sales strategy of Giving EE Doc Smith the headline, whilst Steven Goldin was doing all the actual work, and declaring it a 'classic' series when the first one was first published, (based on Smith's much earlier Novella) they are worth a read, if your interested in fairly fast paced advrnture, in a quite pulpy style.

I enjoyed them, in the same way that watching SG1 was fun. Not Star Trek but OK.

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