An Epistle to those who know me.

O.K. So! Its like this right.

After living my life in a quite 'out' way for most of my adult life. Somewhere about a year ago I realised I hadn't ever openly talked about being Transgender online.

I had explored a bit using alternate profiles, but there had always been a boundary between that and the 'acceptable' face I was showing under my own profile, and incidentally to 'officialdom' too.

I also discovered that at that time, all I wanted to write about was my gender ecpression and sexuality.

I got stuck on this for at least a year.

Now I eventually decided that I should essentially 'out' myself online.

So a few weeks ago, thats what I did.

I doubt that this blog will change all that much. The random literary thoughts an narratives, poems will all remain. I want to present my whole self here.

How long will this need to express my thoughts on Transgendered themes, last? I don't know.

Having written and shared two viginettes from my childhood, I wondered about wtiting more. But somehow that feels egotistical and impractical.

My thoughts have turned to fiction. Which may or may not have autobiographical elements. Since an autobiography would link to other people, who might now regret their association with me. And changing names, and places to protect the innocent (and the guilty{sometimes the same person}) creates its own problems.

So I thought I'll just write the stories as fiction and poems that come to me, and prehaps viginettes from daily life. And possibly a little on gender politics.

I wanted to write this, to those who know me however. To say this is not! And I emphasise 'not!' A blog about transition, or a blog about GRS, Implants etc...It might sometimes be a blog about being a tranny, and how people relate to me, and I to them.

But if you want the blood guts snd gore, its not here.

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