Google Evolution.

OK. So I have been very quiet on this blog of late. Mostly processing thoughts and life in general. I also have several draft posts I haven't managed to complete to my satisfaction.

But I just noticed something I had to share.

Some time ago I wondered to myself what would come up if I just Googled the word evolution. So I did, as one does.

I was mortified, ICR, AIG and a number of other creationist pages dominated the results. It was only on the third page that anything actually science based turned up.

I also recall Google touting a little while ago that results on their search engine would at some point be ranked for accuracy.

Well, long story short, a conversation today made me wonder if things had changed, so Google 'evolution' again.

And lo and behold, lots of actually useful results.

This might not seem that big a deal. However I wonder if it will impact on youngsters who get fed creationist spin, who then Google and find actual information, rather than the distortions of creationist sites.

Live long and prosper.

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