Malevolent Man.

He sits, oozing malevolence.
Attitude and self righteous indignity.
To perceived slights and slurs,
A bundle of spite and volatility.

A Petty man, grown but still a child,
Seeking import, through provocation,
Importance, is others, fear of him,
No responsibility in abdication.

Living in worlds of illusion,
Where none but he can see,
The injustice heaped upon him,
Reduced to invisibility.

Yet still within his malice,
I see that child reaching out,
To be the light in someone's eye
The first in another's thought.

A mothers or a fathers duty,
not given those many years past.
A loss that can never be filled,
A  chasm never to be crossed.

And at the last,
I look on him,
Not with fear,
Nor with hate,
But with

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