Dear followers and friends.

It feels beholden of me
that I should say to thee,

A thank you for visiting my page

And for your likes and
Your kind comments,

Despite my advancing age

Well I'm fifty two,
so not that old a one.

Old enough to remember
the summer of 1969.

But too young to have had any fun.

My plan for my page
is to try and entertain

Your likes tell me
You like what I do
And to such kindness,
one can only say,
A hearty well meant
thank you.

Stick with me yet,
And I'll try to go futher,
and write stories that keep you entertained

Or even paint an alluring picture
Write you a rhyme.
or play tune
And sing a song at the same time.

Now broken meter
and broken rhyme
this may be,
but I think you may see
that my efforts are
surley well meant.

So thank you followers,  friends and sharers
and that too Is
surely well meant.

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